The WikiCoupons.Net Fact Sheet

The WikiCoupons.Net is the world’s leading provider of product coupons, which includes online, printable coupons, discount and promo codes to aid customers in reducing their expenses. For years, newspapers and magazines has been dominating in th distribution methods for coupons, discounts and promo codes. However, with the increasing reach of online methods and the decreae in the interest of printed newspapers and magazines, a greater number of consumers are tapping the online resources for coupons, discounts and promo codes. As of today, WikiCoupons.Net and its networks are the leading coupons network that exists online and is the leading and largest provider of online printable coupons.

Our Goal- “Let’s Reduce your Expenses”
We always strive to help consumers by building a community to save in your purchases. We serve you products and services at the best worth and value for you. We work closely with businesses, either local or international, in order to provide you with the latest and best deals in town. We strongly encourage all of you to participate in helping us find the best deals for YOU.

Our goal is to provide you with unique and interesting products to purchase around your area. We encourage you to try new things, while supporting local businesses and donating to local charities.

Our unique business model is an advantage for everyone as you, the consumer, will get products in great deals while providing at the same time customers to businesses. Also, buy using our coupons, discounts and promo codes, you are helping fund charities. Then finally, we are also benefited by the success fees we get from sucessful purchases through our coupons, discounts and promo codes.

Our Vision
To pioneer social commerce, inspired by social responsibility.

Our Mission
To be a socially responsible Internet company in the world. We use the power of the Internet to bring together consumers who buy exclusive deals from local businesses. We provide a marketplace that creates savings for consumers, new revenues for businesses and donations to charities.

Create the best savings for our consumers.
This is what we strive to deliver coupons, discounts and promo codes for our readers. We will listen carefully to you for productive enhancements.

Provide excellent customer service.
We highly value customer feedback and will be honest and responsive in our communications.

Promote social responsibility
We put our money where our mouth is. We made a deliberate decision to continuously dedicate revenues and resources to local causes and charities. We encourage all of you to share our vision, mission and values.